Twin Deluxe Room

Twin Deluxe Room

A twin deluxe room, right by the city center and close to the old city is waiting for you in "Haneviim Boutique Residence" – An exclusive Glat kosher (OJC "Badatz") hotel.

This is How Your Next Room Will Look Like

An indulging line of facilities makes this deluxe room ideal for couples, while an extra child and a baby-bed can be added to your order. Room rates include a fridge, a safe, TV, free land-line and wireless Internet, a sink and a kitchenette, a hair fan, an armchair, and an on-demand flat iron.

Service at the Highest Quality

Our team at Haneviim Boutique Residence is committed to making every effort possible to ensure a memorable adventure for you. We are at your service for your every need from the moment you receive the rooms to the check-out and will provide you with courteous representatives that shall attend to your needs at any time. Furthermore, the large and decorated rooms are in a perfect location that will save you valuable time.

A deluxe room at a boutique hotel in Jerusalem is just what your vacation requires. If you want to reserve the upcoming date in a luxurious and cozy room, we would love to get your inquiry via our site!

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