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About Haneviim Boutique Residence
"Haneviim" is a hotel for people of good taste style. The building is unique, the service is of the highest quality, and it is located is at the very heart of the city of Jerusalem, in a walking distance from the Old City and the city center. The hotel provides an intimate atmosphere and international-level hospitality experience, which includes essential services and many treats.
A perfect located hotel for your vacation in Jerusalem
The hotel is located near popular sites such as the Western Wall and the Old City, Jaffa Street, Ben Yehuda Street, excellent restaurants and picturesque cafes, Machane Yehuda market, Davidka Square, Mamila Mall, Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Mea Shearim and many other city landmarks.
A variety of rooms suitable for individuals, couples and families
Haneviim Boutique Residence has 49 hotel rooms in a variety of sizes, with an innovatice design which corresponds with the unique Jerusalem atmosphere. The rooms include free Wi-Fi, luxurious and fully equipped bathroom, advanced air conditioning systems, designer furniture, advanced lighting fixtures, and solid wood doors. The tall, special room windows are memorable in their beauty and provide the hotel with an authentic look that blends elegantly with the Jerusalem stone.
The hotel's comfortable and luxurious rooms are divided into several groups: Twin deluxe and family deluxe rooms, rooms with accessibility for disabled people, rooms with exit to a private courtyard, and of course a luxurious and well-equipped suite.
The hotel's guests may enjoy a magnificent lobby, lounge and well-kept garden, for an easy rest in a quiet and elegant atmosphere with coffee and cakes alongside hot or cold drinks, served until 10 pm.
Glat Kosher Boutique Hotel
Haneviim Boutique Residence is a kosher hotel with the Jerusalem OJC "Badatz" certificate, which provides meat and dairy rich and luxurious meals, and allows meals to be served in any order of your preference for the perfect hospitality experience on Shabbat and holidays.
Exclusive event
The hotel offers a prestigious event hall which can accommodate up to 100 people, suitable for small events such as bar mitzvah, Shabbat Chatan, conferences and other events of the like, providing you with the highest level of service with gourmet meat or dairy meals.
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Central Location

Haneviim Boutique Residence is located on one of the most famous and important streets in Jerusalem. This central location serves as a great spot for tourists visiting the city. Whether you will choose to tour the Old City, the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, Ben Yehuda Street, Zion Square and Jerusalem's famous coffee shops, Mamilla Avenue, the Machane Yehuda market, the light train and more - the proximity to a variety of popular tourist destinations makes the quality hotel an attractive and popular choice.

When Quality and Luxury Meet

Haneviim Boutique Residence is renowned for its luxurious atmosphere, while offering quite affordable and reasonable accommodation prices. The quality of service is the hotel staff's top priority, offering courteous service, indulgent hospitality, high "Kashrut" standard, and on top of it all, a professional hotel services at an international level. The special design, the advanced air conditioning systems, the modern lighting fixtures, the luxurious lobby, lounge and garden, the prestigious rooms, the gym, the playground and the mikvah. All this and more make the Haneviim Boutique Residence a rare gem in Jerusalem's hotel repertoire.

Architecture and Structure

Haneviim Street retained its distinct looks since the 19th century when, during the Ottoman Empire times, it had a respected and honorable place in the city's architecture. By virtue of its status, many consulates and hospitals, and magnificent architectural works of beauty, which are inspired by different cultures and religions, were built along its length Haneviim Boutique Residence was established as part of a historic conservation project of the Anglican Bishop's House from the British mandate era. A spectacular architectural combination of modern construction with the ancient features of Jerusalem.

An Exclusive Experience in Jerusalem

This is your chance to enjoy a stylish experience in an upscale and exclusive atmosphere Haneviim Boutique Residence offers a high-quality and enjoyable hospitality experience. Good and kosher food, luxurious and prestigious rooms, innovative design with advanced construction, central location and proximity to important tourist attractions.

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