Accessible Room

Accessible Room – A Boutique Room for The Disabled

Accessibility and availability to a diverse population is our top priority at Haneviim Boutique Residence. This means you are able to book an accessible and adapted room for people with disability - which is ideally located close by to the city center, the Old City and many of Jerusalem's landmarks.

What Is in The Rooms?

In the accessible hotel room, there is a bathroom with an accessible shower, fridge, safe and TV screen. Free wireless or land-line internet is included in the room price.

Moreover, the large and well-designed rooms are especially suitable for disabled people - and have a kitchenette, a hair fan, an armchair and a flat iron on demand.

Suffer No Restrictions

The Haneviim Boutique Residence staff members are at your service - and are committed to assisting you in the search for attractions, activities, and sites to see.

In addition, the food served at the hotel is Glat Kosher by the OJC, to ensure that the strict Halachic standards are met.

Did you have a vacation date in mind? We would love to keep an accessible and luxurious room for you!

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